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So About That Move

Remember when I told you we were moving? A few of you have been asking me what’s up with that. Well… we aren’t moving anymore! In January we had to seriously discuss it, multiple times, since our April 1st move date was getting nearer. And honestly, for me at least, the thought of moving was overwhelming. The excitement I initially felt was overcome with stress and the thought almost felt like a burden waiting to be faced.

Making such a big move is obviously a huge deal. When I moved to California, I was at a stand-still in Michigan. My life was at a plateau. Same job of 3 years, same relationship I had been running circles in for 6 years. Our lives here in California have been so full of growth these past 6 months. I’m obviously taking on my own business and now Jordan’s business, Etch Films, is making a name for itself here in SoCal too. We are both at a tender time in our businesses, but also really exciting times. And maybe that excitement is enough. Maybe running JAA full-time is enough of an adventure in itself. For now at least.

We have talked about visiting the cities we were considering moving to to get a better idea of the area. But honestly, between my craft shows and Etch’s wedding bookings….we are going to have a craaazzyy busy summer! It’s a good thing, and we are excited.

So basically, it’s on the back burner. And really, our family was not surprised. Let’s face it, California is not the worst place to live. I’m really looking forward to having another summer to enjoy the beach. And I can’t wait to tackle a wider range of California craft shows this summer!

xo JA

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  • Carly says:

    Yay for you staying close by! Keep us posted on those craft shows!


  • gina says:

    I thought we would be moving too and it is the same kind of thing. I miss home and my family but life isn’t so bad here :). Plus my husband loves it and I would hate to force him to move and not be as happy….

  • Aileen says:

    My (now) husband and I wanted to do the same. Pack up the car and drive somewhere new, away from California, away from the traffic and the smog and the way too expensive housing. We did end up moving. AND we did end up moving away from what we wanted to move away from and into the small town life we wanted for ourselves, but it ended up being IN california. Less than 2 hours away from LA where all our family lives because that was the hardest thing for me.

    I’m excited you’re staying in CA, that means a chance you’ll end up at a craft show near me 😉

  • that means you have to visit seattle… 😉

  • CeCe says:

    I personally can’t think of another place besides California that I actually want to live. I’ve grown up here and I hate snow. There really are worse places to live and it sounds like you have some great things going here.

  • We bought our first house this summer, and although it was only 7 miles away from our old condo, it was still the most stressful thing ever. Moving is HARD and I really think you need to be in the right frame of mind for it.

  • bummer, so i won’t be seeing you here on the east coast? 😉 just teasing! you guys def have good reasons to stay. plus if Ryan and I ever head out to CA, you’ll still be there for me to come visit, right?!

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