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Quick Photography Tip: DIY Reflector

Since good photos are such an important aspect of selling products online, I wanted to share a quick tip I sometimes use for my product photography. If you’ve ever seen a photographer shooting on locations, he/she is most likely carrying around a huge reflector disc with them. Reflectors are used to put fill light on to your subject. This helps create less harshness in the shadows. They are also helpful in low light situations. This tutorial takes about a minute and can make a huge difference in your product photography.
What you’ll need:

Now how do you use it? You want to point your reflector towards the main light source to direct that light back at the product. Keep your eyes on your product as you move the reflector around to find the right angle. You should be able to see the changes in your product when the reflected light hits it. When I find the right position for my reflector I prop it up (I used a candle!) and start to shoot.
What do you think? Can you see the difference?

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