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Chalkboard Flower Pot Tutorial

I’m so excited for this tutorial! As you probably know from my Chalkboard Love post, I loooove chalkboard paint. I’m also really getting into planting flowers and herbs in cute little pots. So, here we have the Chalkboard Flower Pot Tutorial!

What you’ll need:
Chalk pot
Painter’s tape
Chalkboard spray paint
Spray paint (if you want to paint the pot a different color)
Material to cover the ground

Make sure to do this tutorial outside, or in an open area! I made mine in the studio space we made in the garage since we already had a sheet of canvas covering the floor.

If you are going to paint your orange clay pot a different color, do that first, following the instructions that are on your spray paint can.

I chose a pale yellow color that I have had a while but have not yet used for anything. Let your painted pot stand for 24 hours before going on to the next step.

Once your pot is completely dry, use your painter’s tape to cover the areas of the pot that you don’t want to turn into chalkboard. I decided to spray just the rim of the pot with chalkboard paint.

Let the pot stand for another 24 hours, then remove the painter’s tape. Your super cute pot will be ready to go!

I put some succulent clippings in mine but another great idea would be to use these for your homegrown herbs and label them with chalk!

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