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Ad Space Sale

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had a sale on ad space. July is almost here….and I decided that IT would be a great time to have a sale. July is a pretty damn good month, am I right? It’s summer time. Beach time. Mojitos all up in here all the time. Sun is hot. Birds are chirping. I really can’t complain. I’m happy. Let’s spread the happiness shall we?

If you want to work together on promoting your business, now is the time! Use the coupon code ITSJULYBITCHES for 30% off one month of Large or Medium ad space on JAA! (Not valid on 3 months of Medium ad space, as that option is already discounted. Offer expires Friday, June 21, 2013.)

For stats and booking info, see here.
I’ve never had such a big sale on ad space so take advantage while you can! xo JA

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