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Behind the Design

Behind the Design: I Still Love You

I really love when bloggers have a “series” that they post about, such as “Wedding Wednesday” or “Friday Favs.” There is something about the consistency that I find enjoyable. I thought coming up with a couple series of my own would help me become more consistent in blogging again, as well as possibly offer something my readers enjoy!

One of the series I came up with was “Behind the Design.” I thought it would be fun to share a little story that inspired certain card designs. Today, I wanted to talk about my “I Still Love You” card. It was brand new for this past Valentine’s Day season and did very well (special thanks to Buzzfeed for featuring it!).


I’m sure it’s not hard to guess where the inspiration for this card came from. Oh, my dear husband. I’m not sure if he is just physically incapable of seeing a toilet paper roll once it is empty… Maybe he pulls that last tissue paper square and his sight is literally lost… He is overcome by selective blindness.

Tell me I’m not alone in the extreme lack of replacing the damn toilet paper roll.  I’m not alone right?

Gotta love him though. Thanks for the constant inspiration J.

What’s your partner pet peeve?


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  • Tina says:

    Thankfully, my husbands mother trained him well, and I keep a well stocked cabinet full of TP in every bathroom.
    My brothers, on the other hand, are guilty of this on SO many occasions.

    My biggest pet peeve is my guy can’t seem to find the trash can. Tea bags in the sink, empty food wrappers on the kitchen counter. Oh well, at least he does the laundry.

  • Retro Love says:

    lol, mine never seems to have to replace it because I’m always the one who ends up with the last few squares on a roll. However I think it is very suspect how it always happens so it must be a very calculated move on his part.

  • Marcia says:

    My husband is morally opposed to putting dirty dishes inside the sink. Next to, In front of, anywhere, EXCEPT inside the darn sink. I see red every-single-time.

  • Sandra says:

    Amen sister! Mine is he never takes out the garbage! Ever! It was his chore growing up and now has “selective blindness”. He can’t see a garbage can is overflowing or smelly and needs to be tied up and taken outside. Drives my crazy! BTW, loving the new site!! Congrats!

  • Bev says:

    Leaving the toilet seat up even though I am constantly reminding him to put it down!

  • I already love this series! You are definitely not the only one in this, we have the same argument every week haha. He just ‘forgets’ haha.

  • Julie Wylie says:

    Ha, I’ve got to agree with Tina above. My husband cannot seem to find the trash can OR the dishwasher. Drives me crazy! And I keep telling him, once we’re done fixing up our house & we can move in, that nasty habit of his is not coming with us. Alas, I still love him… 🙂

  • Katy M. says:

    Funny enough, my husband and my biggest argument with each other always revolves around how to load the dish washer. I think you just put it in where it fits, and he believes there is an art to it. So we go rounds about it, even bringing our argument to facebook for our friends and family to weigh in. Haha. It’s hysterical. And a very polarizing topic.

    Anyway. Your “You’re doing it wrong” card is the only thing I gave my husband for Valentine’s Day this year (we don’t really do the whole present thing for smaller holidays). It was perfection.

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