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Free Daydream Printable by KV’s Confessions

Hey there JAA readers!

I should probably introduce myself – I’m Kristen Victoria (aka “KV”) and I blog over at KV’s Confessions where I basically spill my guts on life, style, design, and pursuing happiness while dreaming of self employment.

Julie Ann has perhaps been one of my greatest influences in the blog world – she helps me believe that I can someday be successful at doing what I love, too.

Currently my heart is fully submerged in the love of design, but in the day hours you can find me assisting a real estate agent managing folders full of paperwork. Sometimes while I’m clocked in I’ll catch myself caught in a daydream, hoping for the day when I’ll be a shop-owning-rockstar like Julie Ann 😉

But until then I’m working hard in the late night hours, building my design portfolio, expanding clientele, and fueling my passion off of the belief that one day I’ll prove to myself and everyone else that my dreams were real, and not just a fleeting fantasy.

I know lots of people in the blogosphere are doing the same thing – working hard and waiting until it all pays off. Sometimes it can be a tough road and doubt can sink in at any moment – that’s why I wanted to pass along this free 5×7″ printable I designed for my fellow daydreamers out there.

(Right click for larger image)

Print it out and hang it in your office, fridge, or bathroom, as a way to remind yourself to hold on to and believe in your dreams full force – it’s the only way to get where we want to be.

Until then… happy daydreaming! 🙂
xo, KV

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