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Sponsorship Call + Changes

If you’re active in the blogging world, you’ve probably heard about Passion Fruit Ads. I am one of the many bloggers who has transitioned into this new way of accepting sponsorship. It’s an awesome service that makes sponsoring blogs easier and quicker for both bloggers and sponsors!
Ads can now be purchased at any time of the month! No more waiting until the 1st! Ads will still run for 30 days. They will go up on my blog as soon as I approve your ad image, as long as there are spots available. If ad space is sold out, your ad will be next in line to go up as soon as a spot becomes available. (As it worked out, spots will still go up the 1st of May, as all spots sold out in April!)
Also, Large sponsorships now include guest posts, along with an individual feature/giveaway! I’m really excited about this because it will give sponsors more exposure, along with giving my readers an idea of what they blog about. Yesterday’s post was an example of a large sponsor guest post done by Darkroom and Dearly (and looks super delicious by the way if you have not seen it yet!!). Medium sponsorships will continue to include ad space only.

And the last change is that I’m now offering past sponsor discounts! Just a little thank you to those of you who have sponsored in the past! Please inquire for the promo code you can enter when purchasing through Passion Fruit Ads!

Take a look at my Advertising Page for my blog stats. You will also see you can immediately purchase a spot, instead of going back and forth through e-mail multiple times. Super time saver for all of us! Again, you don’t have to wait, and  your ad will go as soon as it possibly can!

If you have any questions about advertising on Julie Ann Art, feel free to e-mail me at julie.astra [at] yahoo  [dot] com! xo JA

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