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 Necklace and earrings c/o OhJewelicious
Lately I’ve been:
Trying to figure out the balance between pursing growth and staying on top of things.
Listening to Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally” repeatedly. I might have a problem.
Getting spoiled by California and its warm weather.
Trying to think big for my 2014 plans.
Taking way too many Penny pictures (and videos).
Hustling on Valentine’s Day orders.
Planning as many wedding details (flowers, accessories, favors, invites…rahhh) as I can.
Speaking of, any honeymoon suggestions? Trying to figure out where to go!
Watching Roswell online as I work (I used to be obsessed but now I see why it was cancelled).
What have you been up to lately?
xo JA

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  • Jaclyn says:

    Honeymoon suggestion: BELIZE! Ma huny and I were thinking Hawaii when my dad called and said a coworker of his had just gotten back and showed him some amazing pics. I am NOT a sit on the beach for a week straight kind of gal — after two days, I need to do something else! We picked an all-inclusive dealie, and they took us hiking up Mayan pyramids, cave-diving, snorkeling, a waterfall hike. Some very cool stuff. (Also, the flight is closer than Hawaii, Belize is cheaper, and they speak English/accept the dollar.)

    And that’s all to say … it’s a honeymoon, you could go to Oklahoma and have the best time ever 🙂 Such an exciting time, I hope you’re loving every moment! It goes so quickly, it can be tough to remember to savor it all.

  • mattielouwho says:

    Pick a lesser-visited Mediterranean island! Less touristy, and less expensive than going somewhere like Greece. I have a friend who went to Corsica this summer and he loved it! Even more obscure, the Maltese island Gozo is supposed to be just incredible (check out this post:

  • gina says:

    Working and not blogging. It’s really hard to stay on top of everything!

  • I think Costa Rica might be a nice honeymoon spot. Lately I’ve been trying to update my shop and get it going again. Also planning upcoming blog posts (like that wedding book I shared on Instagram 😉 ) and plotting my 9 to 6 escape lol!

  • I can’t wait to see what awesome wedding details you share 🙂

    Lately I’ve been trying to stick to a schedule. I’ve been eating well and working out 5 times a week! I’ve been keeping up with blogging. I’ve also been working on more designs for my shop that I NEED to post more listings too. So many things!!

  • Kelly Brito says:

    Those bird earrings are the cutest! I’m absolutely vising OhJewelicious now. 🙂

  • Bali honeymoon- I know b/c I live in Bali and it is amazing!!!

  • Honeymood destination: Mauritius! Tropical Island perfect beach weather!

  • Stephanie says:

    Roswell the Tv show? with the Teenage aliens? That was my favorite show! and no one ever know what I am talking about lol

  • Alice says:

    Ahhh, I love Roswell! Haven’t seen it in a long time, but I remember loving it and re-watching it a few years ago.

    As for the honeymoon, you’re probably going to have a beachy tropical one, not a city one? Personally I’d set a budget and look within that. I’d also pay attention to time zones and the tourist seasons 🙂

  • You look beautiful, as always.. wondering who does your photography?

  • We did our honeymoon in Bora Bora which is seriously A-mazing! There are so many great places.. I think it all depends on what you want .. a beach or maybe culture.. an adventure.. Paris is great and Bali is pretty fantastic and dirt cheap once you cross the ocean. 🙂

  • You look radiant! We took our honeymoon in Kauai and it couldn’t have been better. It’s quiet, beautiful, romantic… it’s paradise. Perfect for a honeymoon.

  • You are looking so beautiful your smiling face, hair style all are caught my attention. Last image is touch in my heart !!

  • BCshutterbug says:

    Love that picture of you and Penny! She’s such a cute dog. Judging from your tweets since this post it sounds like you’ve got a lot done the last couple weeks! And I have to say, listening to “Unconditionally” is most likely less of a problem than me listening to “Say Something” by A Great Big World all the time (I have a thing for depressingly sad songs). Hope you are enjoying your well deserved rest 🙂

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