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DIY Paper Mache Bowls by Newly Mynted

Remember Stephanie, from Newly Mynted? She is back today to share this really pretty DIY Paper Mache Bowl tutorial with us! I, admittedly, have not messed around with paper mache in a reallyyyy long time. This tutorial made me realize how easy, fun and versatile it can be! Here’s Stephanie:
“Hi, JAA readers. Stephanie from NewlyMynted here again. How exciting it is to be back, showing you all some creativity. I have been wanting to create some paper maché bowls for some time, and guesting here was the perfect excuse to finally to get to it. I mean, who needs television when you have newspaper lying around, right?! That, and zippers and keys and change and gum wrappers. I also found these to be a handy thread/scrap trash bowl while I was sewing.
So let’s get to it and make us some catch-all’s, shall we? I’m willing to bet your honey would be glad not to have thread pieces sticking to his clothes. Tell me I’m not the only person who has that problem …
Mod Podge
Aluminum foil (not shown)
Paint/paper, if desired (not shown)
2. Bowl Assembly
Cut your newspaper into strips. I used a paper cutter to make it easier and give myself even lines across the top. Blow up and tie your balloons and begin Podging your strips on. Saturate one side with glue, stick it on, then do another layer on the outside. Go until you have the balloon covered all the way around. The size of your bowls will depend on how much you blow up the balloon, and their depth will depend on how high up the balloon you cover. I went a little higher (halfway up the balloon), knowing I could trim down later.

3. Dry Time
Clamp the knot in the balloon to a pant hanger and hang them to dry from your shower rod. I didn’t take a picture of this because my bathroom is dark and all my photos came out yucky.

4. Balloon Pop!
Once they’re fully dried, take a sharp object and pop your balloons. I did not let my kids do it. Certainly not with sharp objects … Peel the balloon away from the bowl. Ta-da!

5. Specifications
If desired, trim them down to size. I cut a little away at a time, until they were as shallow as I wanted. It was kind of one of those things where I had to eyeball with each trim until I felt it was just right. 

6. Fake the Silver Leaf
Cut your tin foil into small squares. You don’t really want large pieces. It doesn’t quite give you the same effect. I also switched to a spray adhesive to adhere each one to the bowl. The Mod Podge just didn’t here well with the slick surface. Crumple each piece, carefully flatten them out, then decopauge them onto the bowl same as the paper, shiny side down. Once it’s all silvery, take a small, flat-edged object , like a scoring tool, and smooth out all of the foil.

7. Beware the Faux Pas
You can see here I painted my bowls (Valspar “Sweet Mint”), then did a layer of Podge. I want to make a recommendation: coat the bowl in Podge, THEN paint it. Why? Because I sectioned off my bowl with painters tape, like a “smart” person. Err … well … the result of that was my foil getting peeled off and I had to redo it. Smarts debunked!

8. Finishing Touches
If you want to embellish further as I did you can. I loved these flowers. I cut them out of a piece of scrapbook paper (Crate Paper “On Trend”) and glued them onto my bowls. Once they dried a little, I coated my entire bowl in Mod Podge once again. Let it dry and that’s it!
Beautiful, decorative bowls!
Thanks for letting me be here with you all. Thanks, Julie, for letting me have a moment in your place in blogland to share my projects. I hope you all love it. Stop by and say hello: NewlyMynted.”

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