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Summer Time Arm Party

I participated in the Summer Time Arm Party thrown by Illy, of Much Love Illy, and Leonora, of Yellow Heart Art. I mean, how could I not? We all totally bonded a few months back at a blogging conference and they are pretty much my best interweb friends. (I like to say interweb, I don’t know why).
I got paired up with Erika, of Rouge +Whimsy, my other best interweb friend. Extra excitement! And she made me the cutest bracelets! She used coral and turquoise, two of my favorite colors right now and added a little gold bling as well. Love love!
So cute right?! :] I love them and her!

When it came to making bracelets, a nervousness set in because I didn’t know if my lack of jewelry making skills would keep me from making a quality bracelet for my friend. But I *think* I did an ok job. I sent Erika these two babies:
I had so much fun participating in this and I hope that Illy and Leo host another Arm Party in the future  (*hint hint*). You can check out this link up to see what other bracelets were exchanged!

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