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Couples Halloween Costume: DIY Pacman

As Halloween approaches, I have been seeing our Halloween costume from last year spread across Pinterest. This makes me feel a little awkward, considering I’m hanging out in a tutu with pink tights.
While I loved this costume, I wanted to share my favorite costume we made (and give you an idea of how we made it). This was our first Halloween together and I’m not sure where we came up with the idea, but after a lot of brainstorming (we take this holiday seriously) we landed on Pacman and Miss Pacman.

Let me give you an idea of how we made these. We started at Home Depot. We ended up buying huge pieces of foam board (it appears they serve some kind of insect insulation purpose….gross). Then, we snuck the lid of a garbage can from the store and brought it outside to trace the circle shape onto the foam board. We used a box cutter to cut out the shape, and added a triangular mouth. (We returned the lid, I swear.)

Then we stocked up on: scissors, yellow felt, black felt, red felt, yellow embroidery thread, needles, glue, and thick bands to use for the straps. We were coming up with ideas as we went along so there was no real plan. There was a lot of measuring and cutting, a lot of trial and error.

We glued the yellow felt onto the foam circles first. (If I was going to do anything different I would’ve covered both sides of the foam). Then we sewed yellow felt rectangles to each circle in order to connect them. This was probably the most difficult step, as we had to be sure there our bodies would fit between. We connected the triangular mouth are using black felt. Then we added the straps at the top that would help the costume hang from our shoulders. This was all done with a quick and dirty stitch, we weren’t trying to be perfect.

Then comes the part….adding the eyes, lips, tongues and don’t forget the mole for Ms. Pacman!

These photos were taking more recently, but on that Halloween we also wore white gloves, and I had a red bow in my hair. We were a huge hit and kept getting asked to take our photos.
I hope you liked this! Do you know what you’re going to be for Halloween yet? Do you make your own? Jordan and I have been brainstorming for this year’s costume!

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