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Behind the Design

Behind the Design: As Much As The Dog

As you know, I tend to pull card inspiration from real life situations. This holds true for one of my new Valentine’s Day cards.


Obviously this is not true right? But my husband likes to claim that I love Penny more than him. I mean, we are attached at the hip. And yes, she will block him any time he tries to come near me. And sure, I may say hello to her first when I walk in the door (the bitch is all up in my face so I really can’t help it). And of course, I bask in the fact that she favors me over him and anyone else…

Penny is my first dog. I am a HUGE animal lover and never got to have a dog growing up (guinea pigs were my jam). I have been waiting for her my whole life. We share a special, unconditional, different kind of love. That’s all. :p

(Tell me I’m not the only one who is questionably obsessed with my dog?)


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  • Lauren says:

    I feel the same way! I’ve had my eye on this card for my boyfriend. I might love my dog a little bit more, but it’s a totally different kind of love then the way I love my boyfriend.

  • Tayyaba says:

    This cracked me up… my dogs used to love me more, but ever since I met my [now] husband my dogs now prefer him over me! RUDEEEEE

  • Danielle says:

    I surprised my husband with his first dog for his birthday last year. He was 22 and had always wanted one.

    He’s in the military and has been gone all month and when I talk to him I swear he says “Awe I miss Mojo Jojo” a hell of a lot more than he says “I miss you”. Now it’s a huge joke in my family and they all think I’m lame. Awesome.

    Fantastic card Julie!

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