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Dream Job E-Course: A Review

When I found out about Elsie and Emma’s Dream Job E-Course I knew I wanted to participate. Not only have I followed Elsie’s blog for years now, but it was just the perfect timing for me to take this course. Lately I’ve been so inspired to branch out, push harder, and try to get my business to its fullest potential.

In case you don’t know of Elsie and Emma, they are the creative entrepreneurs behind the successful handmade and vintage shop, Red Velvet. As an avid reader of Elsie’s blog, she has always given me inspiration that with hard work, creative ideas, and passion, a dream job is possible.

In the Dream Job E-Course, Elsie and Emma both graceously bring you into their personal experiences on getting to this point in their careers. They go further than social marketing, product making, audience targeting, and touch the really gritty difficulties that independent business owners face. The course is jam-packed with information! Literally every possible aspect you can think of. (And a lot you won’t! Which is why you should join the course!) And what’s great is there are no deadlines, you can go at your own pace, whenever you have some time to sit down and get motivated!

I’ve left this course with my wheels spinning, my journal full of ideas, and my inspiration in high gear. Not only do I plan to refer back to this course to refresh my memory, but also to refresh my motivation if it ever (regretably) starts to waiver. Special thanks to Elsie and Emma for so selflessly pouring your hearts into this course, and continuing to inspire.

I have some fun posts planned for this weekend, including a DIY I’m really excited about! I’m just waiting for a free day to take lots of photos!

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  • Thank you for your review :o) I was just at the Red Velvet blog yesterday contemplating signing up for that course!

  • I just read your review on Elsie’s blog – I’ve been thinking about taking that course and you helped make my decision :o) ♥

  • Tia says:

    I thought about taking it.. After this review, I definitely will! I love how they team up and have so much creative juices flowing. I am just entering the blogging world so their courses would really benefit me as well as any other new bloggers! Thanks for being so inspirational Julie!
    – Tia

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