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Sponsor Spotlight: Elements Inspired

My name is Nina Banks of Elements Inspired and I am a wife, a stay at home mom, and few years ago I became a jewelry designer. When my kids both started school, I began to market a line of beautiful jewelry inspired by nature, the elements, and music. It is an ever evolving line as I go from being a self trained artist, to gaining more skills as I take lampglass classes and study metalsmithing at The Denver School of Metal Arts. 
This fall’s collection was inspired by a trip through Estes Park Colorado observing the leaves and the tundra and all of the wonderful changing colors of the leaves. The Winter collection is shaping up to include a play on the combination of rustic metals and crystal inspired by the accidental dropping of a strand of Chinese crystals into a snow bank and watching the amazing light play as it caught the sun. I can’t wait to find out what the future holds.

Be sure to visit Nina’s shop of beautiful jewelry! She is offering Julie Ann Art readers 15% OFF with the a coupon code JULIEANNART!

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  • Erin Hause says:

    I LOVE Nina’s work and have purchased from her several times in the past. Her items are always beautiful, beautifully made, and make even an everyday outfit feel special.

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