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Working with Wholesale Buyers – Twig and Willow

I am starting to become more active in pursuing the wholesale side of my business, and I often wonder what it’s like from a buyer’s perspective. What do they look for in products to offer at their store? What makes an artist enjoyable for them to work with?

Twig and Willow was one of the first stores I started working with consistently. Our partnership started many years ago, I don’t even remember how! When I came up with this blog series concept to give insight from a buyer’s perspective, I knew Twig and Willow was a store I wanted to feature.


1.) Tell us about Twig and Willow!

It’s a thoughtfully curated boutique that appeals to a wide variety of customers from the boho-girl to the career woman to the stay at home mom. We’re a lifestyle boutique and a go-to gift and fashion destination. It’s based on old-school boutique values established by my partner Billie and I. We believe in carrying local, hand-crafted and unique products that you don’t see department stores. We wanted to be that neighborhood place for women and men to find unique & thoughtful gifts for their friends, wives and family. We’ve created a warm, homey and unpretentious vibe. Our customers are top priority and we’re passionate about excellent customer service. We hold monthly events and promotions bringing unique designer trunk shows and trends you would expect to see in a metropolitan city to our peaceful beach-side destination.

2.) You work with a lot of other small business owners, such as myself! What do you look for in the products that you choose to offer?

We want unique and artisan products that you can’t find anywhere. We look for style, quality and creativity.


3.) What tips do you have for small business owners who are interested in selling their products wholesale to boutiques like Twig and Willow?

Be true to yourself and your brand. Don’t over saturate an area and keep it exclusive so that boutiques will see your loyalty and your brand will remain special. I totally respect a designer with integrity and ethics similar to our own and people who understand what a true “boutique” should be. Stay creative and don’t get lazy. Bringing your new, fresh pieces in regularly will keep excitement and keep you top of mind for events, promotions and social media marketing.


(Pop up shop I did at Twig and Willow on Small Business Saturday.)

4.) With the “small business movement” growing, how do you market to your local customers?

Our best marketing is word of mouth. It’s honestly how we grew the business. Girlfriends telling girlfriends is the best kind of marketing. We think that having lots of local events, and incorporating other local businesses, is also a great way to build a following.

5.) You are very active on social media. What is your favorite means of spreading the word of Twig and Willow?

Our best way is word of mouth. But we also have fun with social media. We shoot our own models on gorilla style photo shoots around the neighborhood. We are total amateur photographers so we get excited when we get a beautiful shot. The culture is so photo driven these days so we think it’s the best way to communicate what and who we are.

Thanks so much to the lovely ladies at Twig and Willow for sharing your insight! It’s always a pleasure to work with you. xo JA

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