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Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco

Wow. It has been an intense couple weeks! I’m writing this post Monday night, from the couch, trying to recover from this weekend’s Renegade in San Francisco. My eyes are burning, I have makeup on (and quite possibly smeared?) from last night, and I still feel as though I’m in a car thanks to my 7 hour drive home today. I am frickin tired but this weekend was awesome. So much work, but so rewarding!


1.) Sharing a booth with Erika and getting to hang out with her and her husband (Hi Evan!)

2.) Meeting so many new people! I met readers, sponsors, blog friends. People recognized me from my Etsy feature last week. It was so weird! In all my efforts to promote and grow my business, I never really think about each individual person who could recognize my work. Being in a new city and surrounded by new people really put that into great perspective for me.

3.) I met Brit, of Brit + Co.! When she came up and introduced herself I immediately lost my cool, exclaimed “omg!” and hugged her. She was so sweet and I’m so glad she picked up some JAA goodies of her own.

4.) Not being haunted by a ghost at our supposedly haunted hotel. :] You know how Google gives you suggestions when you’re typing something in the search bar? Well when I was looking for the phone number of our hotel (Hotel Majestic) Google suggested “Hotel Majestic haunted.” So of course I had to read the ghost stories and immediately freaked out about being in a haunted hotel room for three nights alone. But I survived. (I may or may not have slept with the bathroom night on every night.)

5.) Tackling a new thing. Driving all the way to SF and not having J to help me with the booth were two things that made this show more intimidating than the ones I have done in the past. I’m pretty proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone some more. Now it won’t be so intimidating next time I do it!

And now I’m back in the sunny, warm OC (SF was frickin cold!) with quite a bit on the to-do list. But let’s not talk about that, or I’ll get overwhelmed. :] For now, I’m going to close the laptop, curl up on the couch, and watch The Bachelorette. xo JA

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