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Sponsor Spotlight: Freckled Italian

Offering sponsorships on my blog has introduced me to a lot of blogs and shops I may not have found otherwise. This is true for Megan, of Freckled Italian. And I’m so glad I got to learn about her blog! She shares a lot of tasty recipes (keep an eye out for a guest post from her next week!) and is just frickin adorable. If you are not familiar with Freckled Italian, go check it out! You won’t be disappointed. Here she is:

“My name is Megan and I blog at Freckled Italian, where I share recipes, personal style posts, and write about daily life. I was born in California, grew up and went to school in Virginia, and currently live in Minnesota with my fianc√©. I love food, books, and coffee. I have a master’s degree in Children’s Literature and I wrote my thesis on Disney’s Princess films. I love cultural studies and Harry Potter and I’m totally obsessed with Regina Spektor. There was this one time I sold used cars for a living, and there was this other time that I worked at a software company with Russian mobile app developers. I also own a small business called Cave Girl, where I advise people on all things Paleo. I really like running, but I wish I really liked yoga. My favorite words are penultimate, antepenultimate, and dichotomy. I would drink a Bloody Mary every day if I could.”
Be sure to visit Megan’s links!
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