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Hi friends! I’m home in California now and trying to get back on track. It has not been easy. I don’t recommend going to Hawaii for two days. It was quite the tease and has me wishing we didn’t leave, at least not so soon! The weather was beautiful, the wedding was amazing, and we quite frankly worked our asses off. I can’t wait to take a look at the footage! Right now though, my main focus is my shop. It is prime time for Valentine’s Day orders and I’m so amazed by how busy I have been!

When Valentine’s Day has passed and I have some time to think, I plan to take a break and focus on where I want my business to go. I want to sit down and fill up my notebook with the ideas that have been filling my head lately. I want to plan for the day that I run my business full-time. I understand it’s a big goal. I understand it’s not going to be easy. But I need to live happily and I need to be passionate about what I do for the rest of my life.

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The thing is, I will never have that light bulb moment, that realization, of “today is the day that I’m going to quit my job because my business is as successful as needed for me to make a living”. That’s never going to happen because I currently don’t have the time to develop my business to that point. I have 20 business ideas in my head right now, but no time to follow through with them. No time to make the extra effort. That’s why I feel the need to take leap of faith, jump in head first and go for it. However, most people tell me that’s not a good idea. :]
I know a lot of you are self-employed, or perhaps aspiring to be, like myself. I’d love to hear any advice, words of wisdom, or stories of your own! How did you know you were ready? Or did you ever know for that matter? xo JA

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  • eHan says:

    If anyone should take that ‘leap of faith’ it should definitely be YOU! I would LOVE to see what you could do with your business if you worked at it full time! Just know, regardless, you are still a HUGE inspiration!

  • Gina says:

    I took a “leap of faith” just over a year ago. {full disclosure – my husband does have a good FT job and health insurance, etc…but me leaving my FT job meant a huge cut in our income}

    I remember thinking “i will leave my job when I am making FT money.” And then I read this quote on a blog: “You will not make full time money doing something part time.” So, I made a year long plan and saved money and quit.

    The past year +, I rarely buy anything new or spend crazy amounts of money {like I used to do}, but I am 1 billion times happier. I have never been this happy in my entire life.

    I know we all have bills to pay and we all need money, but if you can make a go of it with just your business, I say do it sooner than later.

    It is so not easy. I work more than ever before but it is rewarding and I am happier…even though I am a little bit broke all the time :).

    Email me if you have any other questions…I would love to offer any advice I have!

  • Yumi says:

    Hi Julie! New to your blog and can totally relate to this. I took my leap of faith last year (full disclosure, like Gina – my husband has a good FT job… but still, living on one income is harder, so we simply made a decision to live within our means).

    Then I decided to go to school for art (I used to work in a hospital and the pay was good – but it doesn’t make me feel alive). And then i thought, after i finish “x” number of art courses, I will open my shop (coz for some reason I thought my readiness depended on how much school credentials i have – wrong!).

    5 months later (now), I decided to screw all that, get in my lab/ studio/ drawing board and just create.

    so i wish i can say I took a leap of faith and see how I MADE it. But taking a leap of faith, the process itself, has been liberating and feels amazing (and scary at times esp when the future is unclear, as how the future usually is). I’ve never been so happy in my studio. Each morning I wake up eager to create a new piece. I feel so alive as if i’ve found a missing piece in the puzzle.

    i guess soon, I will open my little shop too. Just trying to stay focused and positive. :)..

    thanks for the inspirations!


  • ElleSee says:

    It is the waiting, and the fear of not having enough money, that makes us not do the things that we truly want in life. We wait until we have enough money to get married or have children — we will never have enough money to get married or have children. We wait until we have saved enough money to go on fantastic adventures to Europe, or Australia :), and end up going when we’re 50 million years old — or never end up going at all. I think Gina said it perfectly, and that you should start a one year plan for yourself to reach your dream. You have to start now, before you wait too long and the life you don’t want takes over completely. If you need anything, especially a cheerleader, give me a shout!

  • I get this on so many levels. I can’t wait to meet you for this reason and just talk dreams & goals & plans!

    i have a very good FT job– I’m actually the breadwinner by a few grand– but I dream of a creative life. But for now, I know that I am very grateful to have this good job and that someday I can pursue a creative life– but at the moment, I’m like you– I have too many ideas to concentrate on one. But someday– somehow!! it’ll happen. I know it will.

  • lolly says:

    The waiting game is the one thing that could make or break anyone in this position. I’ll wait until I have this much money saved up, or until this happens, or until this date. Truth of the matter is, something will ALWAYS come up so you really do have to decide to jump in head first. Of course, take all of the necessary precautions and preparations you feel necessary.

    You have a good thing going already and I’m sure the rest of your ideas will be just as fruitful. You’re a bright girl with a BRIGHT future ahead. Xo

  • samara dane says:

    reading and following your successes the past few months have been super fun, and i can’t imagine how much you probably daydream about future possibilities–as you have been doing so well! i like the above ladies idea of a one year plan. you have so many exciting doors to open and try!

    can’t wait to see where life [and your business!] takes you! :):):)

    samara dane

  • I’m kind of in the same place you are. I mean, I’m still in school, but my friend and I are trying to start a business and hopefully turn it into our full time job but it is so daunting and terrifying (and exciting at the same time). We’ll see.

  • Julie- I love you! I love your blogs!!!! I love your inspiration. I think good things happen to good people. You are successfully right now, if you had more time, you could do more and more and more! You only live once, do you want any regrets??!?!?!

  • Aileen says:

    I can say I’ve never been able to hold a job for more than a couple of months. I spent my days working, but dreaming of everything I could be doing for myself.

    Luckily, I now have a husband who 100% believes in me and allows me to stay home as long as I bring in SOMETHING and continue to work towards a goal of having a successful business.

    Finding the time when you’re working is hard. You come home, are exhausted and don’t feel like doing all the hard work that comes with REALLY getting a business going. My advice if you don’t have someone to support you financially? Save every single penny you have until you have a couple months worth of savings and jump in head first. Have a plan, but most importantly take action.

  • Dawnee says:

    Julie… I found you on Casey Wiegand’s linky and I’m so glad I did!!! I just really want to encourage you and I’m taking this encouragement to heart myself.

    I am 46 years young and for years and years I have wanted to follow my dreams but have been held back by finances. Don’t wait till you are 46 years old to follow your dreams!! Do everything and anything you can to make it work. I know that finances are what always hold us back. I agree with the above poster… do all you can to save every little penny you can and give yourself the push to get started. You can do this!!!

    I am lucky now and have the chance to stay home because I have supporters who allow me that huge chance.

    Act on it…. head forward! You can do this! ~ Dawnee

  • Nicole says:

    so proud of you girl. this year my words are encourage and dream. life is too short to do something you hate. it is too short not to spend time with those people you love. too short to waste in meaningless pursuits.

    go get ’em, girl!


  • New to your blog! Just found you through Casey’s link up. I think everyone has to start somewhere and listening to whether other people think it’s a good idea or not shouldn’t turn you away from what YOU think is the best thing for you. I actually just posted about pricing your work to where you can make a living doing what you love. Maybe it will help with deciding how much you need to make to earn a living. I hope you dive into your dreams because really, you never know how amazing this could be for you until you try. I’m going to take a look around your adorable blog! Have a good weekend!


  • Mila says:

    Your have an amazing blog, there’s so much inspiration! I agree that running the business isn’t easy, it’s very important to find what you would like to do and make sure that it may bring you an income, sometimes it takes quite a long time to find this perfect balance, but some people never find. For me it’s all is a difficult question, I have some ideas but do not know if I can make it real, don’t know how and it scares me a bit that time is running and I am still thinking and searching myself and a business that could make me happy.

  • Miss P says:

    I am in the same position! Trying to figure everything out and create a Dream Life! Thank you for broaching the subject and asking for advice. I’ve read all of the comments and find it so inspiring. Grazie, Bella!

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