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A New Video from Etch

I wanted to share the latest wedding video I had the pleasure of shooting with Etch Films. Jordan and I traveled down to San Diego for a beautiful day spent at the Andaz hotel. The wedding was amazing and so was the couple! Christine and Rich were so fun to work with, I could totally see us hanging out if we lived closer to each other.
So whatcha think? This is probably my new favorite out of all the weddings I have shot with Etch. In case you missed them, you can see the first wedding we shot here, the video we shot in Hawaii here, and the wedding we shot in Australia here. (Those videos look so small now that I have this new layout with bigger content!) Which one is your favorite?

Next up, we are heading to Palm Springs in a couple weeks to shoot the wedding of Tina and John. And you know what is extra awesome? Tina works for PostalPix! That’s how I worked out this giveaway with them last month. Did you enter? Didn’t win? Well guess what! I have an extra little something for you from PostalPix today. You can use the code JAAPIX25 to get 25% off your entire PostalPix order, until Friday at 11:59 PM EST! If you’re not yet familiar with PostalPix, it’s an app that alows you to easily and conveniently order your Instagram photos directly from your iPhone. Takes two seconds and it is so nice to have those photos displayed around the house! :] Enjoy!

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