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I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it’s December now. With two local craft shows and the Thanksgiving holiday, November flew by. It was a really great month for my little Etsy shop. I continue to feel so humbled by your support.

I have actually had December on my radar for a while. Last year, right after New Years things started getting busy. I had though that in January I would be able to design new cards for Valentine’s Day and that never happened. I was still working my day job and staying on top of Valentine’s orders was hard enough. But, it was a learning experience. So this time around, the preparation, the planning, (and the list making) begins now.

I’m really excited! Valentine’s Day is obviously my biggest season and it really was last Valentine’s Day that made me start thinking I could do this full-time. I’m really looking forward to using what I learned last year and working towards new goals this time around.

Also, please give a nice welcome to my new lovely December sponsors over in the left column! Lots of good Christmas gifts to be found in their fun shops! xo JA

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