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Lately in Instagrams

Lately, I’ve been busy. What else is new, right? Well, let’s just say it has been busier than usual. I have been putting the majority of my time towards the growth of my greeting card business. My main focus for the past few months has been adding more inventory to my Etsy shop (Father’s Day cards lately!) and getting more wholesale orders from brick and mortar stores. Oh, and preparing for the craft show, Patchwork, on May 27th (locals: come say hi!).
I have been working a lot on improving my display. A lot of changes have been made since I snapped this photo a couple weeks ago, but I think it’s finally getting to where I want it to be. I’m trying to think like a buyer and make it a table that would catch my interest (aka: by using sweet vintage tins and turquoise accents). My most recent changes involved chalkboard paint. Do you recognize the DIY card rack from this post? So lucky to have a supportive and handy man in my life!
And of course, show preparation involves printing and packaging up stock. Now, this is something I can’t take credit for. The picture above (and in fact, the contents of the large box in the picture below) are all thanks to my good friend, Katie. She has started coming over weekly to enjoy yummy homemade food (yesterday’s was peach crisp) and guilty pleasure TV, along with consistent card folding. It is so nice to not get overwhelmed from wholesale orders anymore. She is seriously more help than she realizes! And what’s more, she actually seems to enjoy it. :]
But of course, we always make sure to find the time to close the laptops, take a break, walk away. The busier we get, the harder this is. There is literally always work to be done and it’s difficult, for me especially, to put it on hold for a while. I just have so many ideas and plans (and responsibilities!). I feel like I work too much and yet not enough at the same time.
Also, forgive me, Instagram followers, for not being able to explain what was going on among my hospital Instagram photo streak. I had an emergency room visit last week and I still don’t know what exactly  happened. What I do know is that I had an allergic reaction to a food. My throat and eye swelled up (randomly, having not eaten anything brand new) and Jordan took me to the ER. I got my first IV and was pumped with steroids and Benedryl. It was really scary, especially since this has never happened to me before. I stayed home from work the following day, getting plenty of rest with little Penny (is it me or does she looked worried about me in this photo?) I’ve finished my meds and will be getting tested at the allergist to find out what this newly-developed allergy is. (Hoping it’s not peanuts, love me some peanut butter!)
So, what have YOU been up to?

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