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July is officially getting crazy. It is possible I bit off a little more than I can chew. Or should chew. But damnit, I will chew. All of it. (What?)
I spent the last four days up in northern California, catching up with friends in SF, shooting a beautiful wedding, having a lazy day of recovery in our hotel room, and acting out my inner Julie Andrews circa: The Sound of Music’s “The Hills Are Alive” in Half Moon Bay.
We got back Sunday night and now I’m focusing solely on the extremely busy few weeks ahead of me. In addition to two Renegade Craft Fairs (come see me in L.A. July 20th-21st, and S.F. July 27th-28th!), I have a feature coming up that I now am also preparing for. Practical Jules almost almost considered turning the opportunity down, but I kicked her to the curb. I can handle it.
I also have a bit of a revamp idea that I am going back and forth on. Making business decisions is so hard for me. I have always been an indecisive pain in the ass (just ask any guy I’ve ever dated) but when it comes to my business it’s on a whole different level. It’s not that I am scared of change but I guess I’m scared that JAA fans will be scared of change. I’m scared that what I think may be a good move, may be a disappointing move to others. I am trying to stop worrying so much about that, and to focus more on the big picture.  I have to do what I think is necessary to reach my big goals for the future.
How is your July looking? Full of business? Or taking advantage of summer time? (If so, can I live vicariously through you as I run around like a stress case for the next three weeks?)

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  • gina says:

    yes – focus on the big picture! I have faith in you and your decisions and know it will all be fantastic. my july is pretty crazy too. crazy keeps me motivated :).

  • Iris T. says:

    do what feels right and don’t look back! Good luck, I enjoy following your journey as you grow your business, it is very inspirational!

    Iris @

  • Erika says:

    we can do it! you can do it! you rock lady! you are my inspiration!

  • You’re a beast when it comes to being your own boss!! I’m sure you’ll be able to handle it all with grace! Take some time out for yourself each day to unplug and do a little something that makes JULIE happy 🙂

  • Alice says:

    I feel ya with worrying about things, but just follow your gut, trust your instincts, you’ll do okay!

    My plan for July – have fun in SF and possibly find you there! 🙂


  • You look BEAUTIFUL in this picture! And my July is filled with some worrying as well with my continued job search. Yuck. Hoping things work out for both of us soon!


  • chelsea says:

    Fantastic lady! I love how ambitious you are, and kicking ass all the while! My summer is picking up speed too…I’m doing two more small markets, teaching swim lessons all week and I have a couple art workshops coming too… yeaaa guess I have to chew all this too!

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