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Sponsor Spotlight: Bonjour Miss Mary

Hey readers! This is Mary from Bonjour, Miss Mary! I am a twenty-something law student on the west coast who has recently become obsessed with crafting. I recently opened up an Etsy shop called Oxford Comma Commodities where I sell some of my best outcomes of recent crafting endeavors. Items include notecards, vintage tins, and coasters. I try to add new items each month!

I typically blog about life/law school, pets, crafts, attempts at cooking, and product reviews (anything from iPhone apps to coffee concoctions). I love all of my readers and enjoy learning about where they live around the world. When I am not blogging or studying for my doctrinal law courses, I love spending time with my puppy, Atticus! He is 1/2 Scottie, 1/2 Yorkie…and I swear he is a human trapped inside the body of an adorable dog! He has such a mind of his own and an amazing personality! I love hearing about me readers pets, so write to me and I would love to feature them! 

I also an a huge coffee and tea fan, love indie movies, and have a slight obsession with hole-in-the-wall Chinese food restaurants. Stop by my blog and share some of your craft ideas, pet adventures, or product reviews and I would love to share them with others!
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