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DIY Repurposed Spice Rack

When my Mom visited last month she brought me her old spice rack that she no longer needed. I was not completely thrilled by the sight of it but considering she packed it in her suitcase specially for me, I had to do something with it right? While we don’t have much free wall space in our kitchen, we do lack storage space in our bathroom. That’s when I realized I could make it into a cute cabinet for all my nail polish goodies that are currently taking up way too much space in our medicine cabinet.
All I had to do was tape up the glass with painters tape and spray paint it with primer and paint. It’s pretty amazing what possibilities painters tape and spray paint give you. You can take something that you would never hang in your house and turn it into something that totally fits your style.
It fits my nail polishes and manicure tools perfectly! Thanks Mom! ;]

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