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How To Stop Being A No-Reply Blogger

Hey guys! I wanted to share this quick and easy tutorial today. I’m surprised to say that a lot of the comments I receive are “No-Reply Comments.” If you are one of them, you’ve got to change that asap!

I have been trying to make a point of replying to more comments. I know I’m a little lacking in this area (only so much time in a day friends) and I still say the best way to talk to me is Twitter. But. I’m trying. I’m making the effort and hitting reply when I get e-mail notifications of comments. And that is how I found that SO many of you are still No-Reply Bloggers!
In case you don’t know what that is….if you don’t set up your e-mail address on your Blogger account, the comment notification e-mails I receive are from “” So when I go to reply via e-mail to your comments….well they get nowhere. It is really easy to change your settings so that e-mail replies to your comments will hit your inbox. So I need ya’ll to do this for me while I work on my comment responding skills.
When you’re logged into Blogger, click on the black arrow in the top right of your screen next to your username. A little window will pop up and you will see a Blogger Profile link. Click it.

On the page that opens, click “Edit Profile” in the top right corner. The next page that comes up with look like the image below.

You want to make sure that “Show my email” is checked, and you want to have the e-mail you want replies to come to filled in under “Email Address.” Click Save and you’re done! If you haven’t taken the time to do this on your Blogger profile yet, well, get on that shit! xo JA

Don’t forget! Google Reader is peacin’ out! Be sure to:
 photo widget_zps50bfec2c.jpg

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