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Why I Use Snapchat for Business

I learned about snapchat a couple years ago. We were having a party and it somehow was brought up in conversation by one of our friends. I think I created an account that night but let it sit after realizing very few people I knew had it. Besides, wasn’t it just for like, sending naked selfies??

Turns out, it can be used for a lot more than that! You have probably seen that it’s the latest platform being pushed by users, myself included. I wanted to share why I joined the Snapchat bandwagon.


No popularity contest – Snapchat has no “like” count, comment count, or follower count. Therefore, no pressure! No popularity contest! I think most will admit that getting likes or followers on Instagram can get addicting. Snapchat doesn’t let anyone else know how many, or how few, people are enjoying your content. This makes the platform more about interaction for the sake of interacting, rather than for personal gain.

Content is less edited – So much of social media is highly edited. I’m guilty of this too, as I have a style that I try to uphold to stay relevant to my brand. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook strive on pretty, eye-catching photos that people feel compelled to “like.”

But what you don’t see in that stylized photo of my product, is my messy-ass office, my dog snoring, my runs to the post office, the cocktails I drink, and most importantly… me. Talking! My biggest take-away from using Snapchat is being able to talk to followers directly. Someone once even responded to my snap saying it felt like she had a conversation with me. I love that! (The more people feel like they know you, the more they’re probably going to like you and want to support you, get what I’m saying, business owners?)

Time is limited – Snaps disappear in 24 hours. That time I snapped J and I drunk eating McDonalds. YEAH GONE FOREVER. Bet you wish you saw that magic. The 24 hour time cap, creates a deadline similar to a time limit put on a sale. Take advantage of this now, or else you’re going to miss out. In the current world of scrolling through Instagram quickly, Snapchat makes you slow down and listen, because you may never be able to go back to see it again.

Are you on Snapchat? If so, why do you like it?

And if you’re not, just try it! Yes, it is a little weird at first and you’ll likely be wondering if you’re doing it right (or just how to do it), but give it some time… I think you’re going to like it!

You can find me under the username julieannart. Expect to see a lot of my little dog, and me in a messy bun with no makeup because that’s real behind the scenes. ;]

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  • LC says:

    I have fun with my friends Snapchat filters and whatnot, but I have so many social media accounts that I barely keep up with already that it would be hard for me to add another one. Maybe someday. It feels like you almost need everything to be able to speak to all different kinds of people that support you. Some like Facebook, while others prefer Instagram. Sigh.

  • Tricia says:

    I am the same that I had it for over a year before I used it and then was inspired to after a big blogger friend told me why she loved it. It has turned into my most personal social media platform because it is so easy to snap away! I really enjoy it and it is the only platform I watch video. When I am on FB or Insta I scroll with sound off. When I am on snap I turn the volume on and pay full attention to what people are saying and doing. It almost feels like I am giving myself a little 3 mixture break when I tune in to watch what everyone posted that day.

    And as a fan of your line it is so fun to feel like I am seeing you in real life and getting to know you and I hope my customers and followers feel the same!

  • Kristen says:

    I just hopped on to snapchat and at first had NO IDEA what I was doing. Right now, as I am learning it, it’s mostly snaps of my puppy rather than my art, but that’s real life. I am always chasing that little guy around. So I totally understand why you like it and hopped on. I agree, it’s nice to see real life – unedited!

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