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I feel like the only girl on the planet who was not interested in watching the Royal Wedding. I was however, interested in Kate Middleton’s dress. I love love love the lace sleeves. Lace is so pretty, intricate, feminine. Just gorgeous. Here’s some lace pretties for you!

All photo credit.

This weekend we are heading up to L.A. to check out a store that might be selling my cards! I’ll be back on Monday with a giveaway post…giveaway hint: robots! Hope you have a great weekend!

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  • I love lace as well but unfortunately as a nanny in very cold WI I have little opportunity to wear it. boo.

  • i loved her dress, and definitely loved the lace.

    hope your meeting w/ a prospective store goes well! happy friday.

  • Love all the lace! If it makes you feel any better I didn’t even know the wedding had happened until I turned on my computer and saw people talking about it!

  • Clare says:

    I wasn’t at all interested in the wedding either, but I kept seeing people commenting about her dress all day – so I finally took a peek, and indeed, it was beautiful.

    You’ve put together a gorgeous collection of lace pics, here – I love the last one! I’ve always adored the combination of delicate lace with chunky knits.

  • grace says:

    wedding smedding. I didn’t care either. I have to admit that I was beyond shocked to hear that she made the workers who constructed the gown wash their hands every 15minutes to avoid getting it dirty and she made them change the needles every hour to avoid dull needle snags.
    wooooah. bridezilla much?!

    Also, new reader here. Love your blog! Hope you check mine out :))

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