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A February Recap – 2016

I was feeling really on top of things throughout January. I had mentally prepared myself for the rush that normally hits at the end of the month, with Valentine’s Day being right around the corner. But honestly, I found that the majority of January almost felt too manageable for what is normally my busiest time of year. Sure, we had plenty of work to do and I had my assistant helping me most days, but I wondered where the stress was. I started getting concerned and even remember saying that I wanted to feel more stressed.

Well. Insert foot in mouth.

Because then this happened. And THIS. And then, it just snow balled. (It became apparent to me just how much a website’s content is just regurgitated from another site. This makes me sad for what journalism has become, but also I guess happy that is creates the concept that we refer to as “viral.”)

So basically, shit hit the fan. We cranked out more cards in the first five days of February than the entire month of January. One day we shipped 450 orders. That was an intense 12 hour day that left me on the couch with wine and a heat pad. The stress and anxiety of it all was coming through me physically. Not only was my back constantly hurting but my entire body just felt tense, to the point where I’d get nauseas and knew I needed a break.


It was easily my most challenging season to date. But I know that with every struggle, with every hard-as-fuck journey, I am learning. And my back bone… oh it is growing, let me tell you. Nothing in this world has given me a thicker skin and a stronger voice than running a business.

The second half of February was a calm after the storm. I was basking in it. Taking it easy, letting things be slow. I was thinking the other day, about how as business owners we feel like we always need to appear busy. Because if we’re not doing something then it looks like business is slow, right? Fuck that. I will openly admit I thoroughly enjoyed spending the 2nd half of February shopping and binge watch Girls.

And somehow, so soon, here we are in the second week of March. I’m now completely immursed in perhaps my largest business venture yet, planning for the National Stationery Show. Julie Ann Art is debuting there this May. It’s obviously a huge undertaking but I have already invested so much time preparing that I’m actually feeling pretty on top of things. Today, anyways. I still have a lot of things to do but I do feel a sense of excitement in taking Julie Ann Art through this next step. But more on that later. :]


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