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Michigan In Instagrams

Well, I feel like this is deja vu because I’m playing catch-up again. Last weekend I didn’t get much JAA work time because we shot two weddings. This weekend I didn’t get much JAA work time because I spent a 4 day week in Michigan. Totally worth it, but I’m still in my usual freak out mode today.
We got back to our house at 11:30 pm and while Jordan has the ability to stay up till 4am working and then going into work a few hours later, I do not. I am not a vampire. I need my sleep. So I zonked out on the couch soon after getting back home.
So for the next couple days, playing catch up it is! So while I’m tackling e-mails and orders, here’s a peek at my stay in Michigan!
 Mom showing off her garden. (And I can’t even grow damn tomatoes..)
 Catching up with my bff, Isabella.
 Had to go to a Tigers game! (Even though we jinxed them.)
 Visited my Dad at his loft in Detroit.
Michigan sunsets….no filter.
What did you do this weekend? Do you spend your weekends working or do you set your work aside?
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  • Kelsea Echo says:

    Looks like a fun time! That is quite the garden your mom has.

    I’m always playing catch-up these days. When did life get so busy?! Spent the weekend unpacking boxes/setting up my studio and making jewelry!

  • Dawn says:

    Looks like a good time in Michigan! Again, your dad’s loft is amazing. I had never been to Detroit before this summer, and I really loved all of the architecture in the downtown. (It’s sad that the city feels so empty.) I had fun this weekend, too–I went up to Purdue and visited my friends (the same ones I went to Detroit/Canada with). It was definitely fun, and we’re hoping to plan another get-together soon. Anyway, good luck with catching up with work! Things are picking up here a little, too!

  • It looks like you had a wonderful time. I’m so looking forward to visit my family in Chicago and have a little free time.

    At least you had a fun weekend, mine was spent working! Good Luck catching up. 🙂

  • BCshutterbug says:

    I love that shot from the loft! The buildings there are so cool. And wow to your mom’s garden…I am also not a plant person. So far the only thing I’ve kept alive are a christmas cactus and a petunia that the previous homeowners of our place left for us.

    We went for dinner and a movie (IMAX 3D Resident Evil! lol). It was a nice change of pace from our busy summer weekends.

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