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Julie Ann Art

Two Years Self-Employed

It has officially been two years since I quit my day job. I remember my last day of work, driving out of the parking lot, windows down, music up, the “holy shit, I’m doing this” feeling. The truth is, I still have that feeling. Sure, over the past two years I have developed a bit of a schedule, my days are often routine, going from one thing to the next. But I’m still doing it for myself. By myself (except my wonderful assistant, Mo, who comes about once a week to help process wholesale orders). Just that thought is still exhilarating to me. I am doing this.

Thinking about how this anniversary was coming, I looked back at some old blog posts. I read about the day I quit my day job, and even my first day of self employment. (Which, by the way (tangent), can I just say that my whole “getting dressed every morning” probably lasted a week or so? I had read this as a suggested tip for people who are self employed, and you know what I say about that now? Fuck it. Where whatever you want. Where what you feel comfortable in. Why would I sit at a computer screen in jeans with the band digging into my stomach all tight when I could be wearing pajama shorts? Why put on makeup when I have no one to impress? Maybe it’s just me, but instead of telling you what you should wear, or even DO, throughout self employment….I’m saying this. Do whatever makes you feel good. For me, that is comfy pants and no makeup. And then, when a date night comes or a big event, and I DO get schmancy, well it feels extra special.

Ok, done with that tangent, sorry. :p

Anyways, it was fun to read over the beginning and the milestones over the past two years. While I feel like there is so much more out there to accomplish, I do feel like I have  conquered some things I wouldn’t have imagined,  like traveling out of state for a craft show, or speaking at a blogging event, or that time I was on TV. (Still, WHAT??)

There is a sense of pride but there is also the fear of it all ending. While fear too often can hold people back, I also believe fear can drive us, if we let it. I have some big things I’m reaching for in the future and while I’m pretty terrified at the thought, I do it anyways. Just last night actually, I “went for” something big, texted my girls all “omgomg.” Fingers crossed it works out, but if it doesn’t, I can at least say I went for it, despite my fears.

Thanks for hanging out with me these last two years (or more!!). xo JA

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  • Retro Love says:

    Happy 2 year anniversary! I agree with not wanting to put on makeup and wearing jeans. However I do find that it helps me to get changed when I wake up to have a transition. I just change into leggings/yoga pants though 🙂

  • gina says:

    I also hate that “get dressed every morning” thing. I only put on normal clothes when I have to leave the house…and then I change back into comfy ones as soon as I get home :).

  • Happy Anniversary! Yeah as far as getting dressed every day goes, I change out of my sleep clothes into some lounge wear, it’s not that far of a stretch lol! But if I gotta go out that’s a different story. Whatever keeps you motivated and on track! =P

  • so VERY proud of you and all of your accomplishments! Couldn’t be happening to a more wonderful and deserving person. xoxoxo

  • Happy 2 year anniversary! I love seeing stories like yours. I feel that’s what real life should be like. Working for yourself, making your own hours, doing what you love. I know it’s not always easy, but you’re truly inspirational!

  • You sure did do it!! : D

    Faded Windmills

  • Jay says:

    Congrats, Julie! That’s a huge accomplishment. I’m about to go on a similar road and I. AM. TERRIFIED! It’s always great to hear others are doing well.

  • Congrats on the two year anniversary – that’s huge! And I totally agree with you, btw… give me yoga pants and a tank top. I work from home, who am I trying to impress??

  • wiesra01 says:

    “While fear too often can hold people back, I also believe fear can drive us, if we let it.”

    This is great, it’s been so motivating to follow you these past two years and I can’t wait to find out what your next big thing is!

  • you are sooo amazing, funny, dedicated and accomplished!! <3 you!

    Sandy a la Mode

  • Emily Spada says:

    You’re a powerhouse and an inspiration to other Etsy sellers (i.e. me), who want to consider self-employment in the future.

  • Monica says:

    Okay, you basically nailed it. Way to sum up my entire daily existance, lmao! The whole no pants thing, and the whole no make up thing – it’s so sad but so terribly true. I have an entire closet full of ex-career banking clothes and yet every morning I find myself opting for an oversized t shirt and the undies I fell asleep in…. Problem? I think not… Who needs to see a pretty face in the mirror when there’s shit to accomplish?! So happy I found you… Following forever. 🙂

  • Shelly K says:

    I remember reading those blogposts on when you quit your job and your first day of self-employment. Congrats on making it this far in the past 2 years. Can’t believe how quick they have gone by.

  • Kelsea Echo says:

    Happy two year anniversary!! Love this. 🙂 I quit my job at the end of May and I’m still trying to figure things out. Love reading what other people’s journeys are like!

    And yeah, I’m wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt right now. I usually remember to put on a bra because, well, I order too much mail and would like to avoid any awkward mailman encounters. Haha. 🙂

  • Melissa C says:

    Congrats! Just wanted to let you know that your blog and Etsy shop have been inspiration for me. I love your blog, and I hope to be self-employed one day too. Keep up the hard work!

  • Nicole says:

    Stumbled onto this through Etsy’s “Quit Your Day Job” series because I’m hoping to (eventually) quit my day job. I’m just starting to try to push in that direction, and I love that there are pioneers who have done it before me — makes me believe it’s possible! 🙂

  • Kay Bell says:

    Awesome! I said if I ever get featured in one of those Etsy “Quit Your Day Job”, I’m mentioning you as an inspiration lol. This dream is so forreal now that it’s a definite goal. My son starts kindergarten next year. My plan is to be self-employed / working from home by the time he is in middle school…if not sooner 🙂

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