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Sponsor Spotlight: Lisa Barbero

Hi friends! Today I’m catching up on orders from this weekend’s holiday sale (today is the last day so get to it!) and recovering from a great day at my last craft show of the season. But more on that later! Right now, I wanted to introduce you to one of my lovely sponsors, Lisa.

Lisa Barbero has had a lifelong, passionate love affair with creating. And Captain Crunch. With a leaning towards raw line and the unexpected, her work is infused with modern color, original typography, and old fashioned hand drawn imagery. The end result is art with hints of romance, whimsy, inspiration, and lots of soul.

“It’s important to me to do something different; to be inspired by my life, my environment, and the work of others, then make something completely unique that can inspire others in turn. I like being a part of that endless creative cycle.”

Lisa’s shop is full of inspiring prints and she even has some fun iPhone cases! Show her some love! :]

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