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Australia: Our Last Stop

All good things must come to an end. Our last stop in Australia was the Byron Boutique Barn in Byron Bay. Yes, you can rent barns in Australia. Amazing, right? This place was PERFECT.

 Everything in the barn was wooden, rustic, perfect. We were both in heaven. Talk about dream house.

We were right on the edge of wide open Australian hinterlands, surrounded by huge green trees. Our welcome note from the barn’s owners told us that we were staying during a very rare “prime koala time.” The koalas were extremely loud throughout the night. Crazy high-pitched screeching! It sort of made the experience that much cooler though. We were in the middle of the Australian jungle, in this awesome barn surrounded by wild koalas. It was such a special place to spend our last nights.
Oh, and it has a private pool with a gorgeous view! We arrived at the barn later in the afternoon (after our horseback riding adventures) and had a very short amount of time to enjoy the barn/pool/view before we took off for the wedding’s rehearsal dinner. Yep, the reason we went to Australia! Our last day was spent filming a gorgeous wedding in the Australian hinterlands. (Video in progress!)
We have a lot of video footage from Australia and we are hoping that one of us can find the time to put a quick vid together *soon*. Things have been so busy around here lately! But more on that later….;]

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