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Craft Show Display Sneak Peek

I’m down to the final countdown for my next show, less than a week left! I’ve been stocking up my inventory and playing with the final details of my table set up. I thought I’d share a few details of what I have so far. Any tips are appreciated!
I have always really enjoyed the rough, natural look of chalk on chalkboard so I decided to incorporate that onto some of the wooden crate walls.
I’m using the card rack Jordan made me (tutorial here) to display the majority of my cards. I added a single strand of twine to secure the cards in case it’s windy. What do you think? Too distracting?
To make these signs, I sprayed wooden rectangle’s I got from Michaels with chalkboard paint and glued them to safety pins. 
( DIY business card holder from this tutorial.)

I also have a few cameras as props, along with some books and mason jars. They are all things that I am drawn to if I spot them myself so maybe I can get some buyer’s attention!

I picked up a wooden box at a garage sale a few weeks ago. I made it to a special Father’s Day section since the show is just a few weeks before the Hallmark Etsy holiday. ;]
So I think it’s coming along! I’m really excited for this show. It is only my second “real” show but I’ve heard it’s a really good one for sellers. I have only been a buyer for the past two years. If you’re near Orange County, be sure to come say hi! It’s May 27th and you can get more information here.

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