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Hi friends! I’ve been thinking about this blog so much the past week or so. Seeing it mentioned on my ‘to do’ list, wanting to get to it, but just so consumed by other things that have a higher priority (or a more critical deadline).

Yesterday was a bit stressful, and found myself drinking a rum and coke around 3:00pm. (But at least it had a sweet ass skull straw so it was basically like I was getting festive for the upcoming holiday. Totally ok right?)

I had a few fires to put out. It’s all taken care of now but a part of me wanted to cry yesterday. It’s weighing more and more on me lately, just how much running a business entails. It’s so much more than getting that product sold and out the door. The e-mails, the inquiries, the issues, the decisions. Every single aspect is something I have to handle, and it’s starting to weigh on me. I blame this mostly on my indecisiveness. I can’t make a damn decision to save my life. Working on it.

This week I also had a scare with Penny. She was really sick on Monday and it definitely distracted me from getting anything done. Thankfully she is back to her normal self, though I’m not sure what caused the problems. I suspect it may have something to do with her blanket eating tendencies.

I’ve been getting the house decorated for Halloween. I don’t know why, but for some reason I get more and more into decorating this time of year. I don’t remember being like this in Michigan and I’m wondering if it, in a way, is me over-compensating for the lack of seasons in California. Like I’m yearning for that feeling and maybe making my house festive will help. We are having our pumpkin carving party next weekend so I’m getting excited for that as well!

(Could NOT pass these beauties up at the store last weekend. Have you ever seen a sunflower so wild?)

What about you? Do you decorate for Halloween? What about costumes? You know ours are in the works of course! I am also on the hunt for some new “fall-ish” recipe ideas as well, if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them! xo JA

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  • I’m so glad Penny is okay! I also really really love those flowers. So beautiful!
    I’m super excited for the upcoming holidays. I’m actually in charge of holiday craft days at work (super thrilled my manager asked me to do this) and my coworkers are all looking forward to our Halloween craft day next week 🙂

  • Just waiting to see your ever creative Halloween costumes you and J are gonna do this year!

  • Bev Feldman says:

    Good to see you posting! I can only imagine how consuming your business is, given how much it has grown and how successful it is.

    I am probably going to dress up for Halloween–now that I’m a mom, I feel like I need to start getting into the spirit again.

  • ElleSee says:

    Omigod! My dog loves eating blankets too, I always have to hide them in a room with the door closed so he doesn’t chew too many holes in them while we’re away. Sneaky bugger.

    My son and I have been doing costumes together for the past couple of years — last year we were Curious George and the Woman with the Yellow Hat, and the year before that we were Princess Peach and Mario — but I’m not going to give away what we are this year…it’s a secret 🙂

    As far as work goes, you probably already talk to people who help you work through things and figure everything out, but keep it up and don’t think that you have to have everything weighing on your shoulders. I know you’ll find a way to keep balanced, and remember to keep some time for yourself!

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