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Yarn Chandelier Tutorial by CraftedLove

I’m really excited to share this great guest post today! My blogging friend, Allison, is going to show us how to make those pretty yarn chandeliers that have been popping up on the internet! I think they are so cool and definitely want to try one out soon.

Hi everyone! I’m Allison Kaye from Crafted Love. I’m a design student in my final year of school who loves anything crafty and handmade. I’ve been known for having one too many ideas and just not enough time but when I manage to find time to do my projects I make sure to show them on my blog. I’m here to show you a fun DIY project I’ve done that you’ve probably seen around the internet before. Well now you can see how easy it is to do! Take a look…

Here’s all you’ll need:
1.) Acrylic Yarn  2.) Elmer’s Glue  3.) Corn Starch  4.) Round Balloons
5.) Small Pan for mixing  6.) Vaseline  7.) Pole/Stand for drying

Using round balloons means you’ll have perfect circle chandeliers, you can use any kind of balloon but I wanted mine circular. Blow up how ever many balloons you want for chandeliers and tie yarn around the top for hanging.

Hang them on a pole or rack and don’t forget to lay down tarp or trash bags. Things get a little messy in the next steps. Cover each balloon in Vaseline. This is so the yarn/glue doesn’t stick to the baloon when you pop it in the end.

Mix up the glue with 1/2 cup of corn starch and 1/4 cup of water. The measurements don’t really matter because I just threw a little bit of everything in and it turned out just fine :] 

Dip the yarn in the gooey mix and begin to wrap it around the balloon. This is where having a second person is really helpful. Mike dipped the yarn and got the excess glue off while I wrapped.

Let them dry for several hours. It took forever to dry but luckily you can be doing other things and just forget about them. You want them completely dry when you pop them or they might just fall apart. I know this from experience because I have little patience and popped one too early. He died.

Once you pop them they should look all schnazzy like this guy. I haven’t decided how I’m going to hang them or where I will hang them but I will eventually. I’m just excited to have finally finished the project I’ve been dying to do for months!

If you want to see more tutorials and fun projects, head on over to my blog and say hi! I love meeting new blog friends!


Allison Kaye

Thanks for the great tutorial Allison! You guys should check out her blog, it’s super cute! xo JA

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