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January Sponsor Love

I’m so happy to introduce you to some of my January sponsors today! You may have seen them over on the right sidebar but I’m going to help you get to know these lovely women a little better! Be sure to stop by and say hello to them!
Shannon Heart’s is a personal style blog. Shannon writes about her love for fashion, style, photography and all things beautiful.

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My name is Margaret, and I’m a greeting card poet. I like to write tiny, profound little poems about love and the human heart. I like to write delicious little poems that make you laugh. I like to throw big handfuls of poetry into the air and watch peoples’ eyes light up as confetti words fall all around them. So if you need a smile, a hug, a mini party with confetti and all; or if you want to bring joy to someone you love – come visit my shop; the door is always open and I love to make new friends.


Margaret is offering Julie Ann Art readers 25% off with the coupon code 1COUPON.

I’m Sandy and I make unique greeting cards using a technique called “Quilling”, which is centuries old. You can think of it as “paper graphics”. I don’t use ink, I use paper to create all occasion sentiments I hope you’ll be proud to share with the ones you love. I love the idea of sending a card just because. It’d be great of people stopped letting themselves be dictated by calendars and instead just let themselves go with their feelings because, love rocks!

Hello lovelies, Lolly here! I’m a 25-year-old blogger, part-time model, and budding philanthropist born and raised on the East Coast, now living in Northern California with my fiancé. If you love to be inspired, look at pretty photos, and learn about ways you can help yourself, others, and the world we all live in than I’m your girl!

Blissfully Happy Wife, Blogger, Movie Buff, Animal ♥er, Event Planner, Busy-Bee, Shopaholic, Philanthropist, DIYer in Training, 30-Something Southern Gal, etc. I just opened up my Etsy shop, AnnLeigh Creations. Stop on by!

Hi, I’m Elaine and the designer of Very Enchanting Jewelry. I started making jewelry after I took an internship in high school at a Mood Swings Jewelry in Long Beach Ca and was hired on. After three years there and a little schooling I became the head designer for the next 4 years I was there. I have been designing on and off now for 9 years total this June! It is not what I thought I would be doing but I love it and thanks to my awesome boyfriend I am currently able to it full time and give it my all. I have a wide range of designs on my Etsy page, from fun resin rings to rich sapphires in gold. Any and everything that will inspire me I will gladly take and run with it for my jewelry designs or anything else that pops up and looks like fun!

Hi, we’re Kim & Candice. We’re the sisters behind Paper, Lace & Confetti Handmade and wedding planners to boot! We make jewelry and other fun, small gift items on our online shop, blog about our wedding and craft inspirations and take long coffee breaks in between. Come stop by, say hello on our blog or stop by the shop and maybe you’ll find something pretty to take home with you!

Julie Ann Art readers can get 15% off their Paper, Lace & Confetti Handmade purchase with the coupon code JULIEANNART01.

Hey, I’m Dana! I blog over at Wonder Forest and create retro inspired plush and home products under the same name! I am a designer/artist in ‘real’ life and love a good DIY project, shopping online, and believe in being creative every day! Stop by and say hi!

PaintedEpoxy is made up of two people – jewelry by Amber and art by Auroch. We started early in August 2011, nameless at that point. It was originally meant to be a solo adventure with my jewelry but when my boyfriend discussed wanting to make prints of his work, I couldn’t resist figuring out how to do it. When it got to the point that I was able to post them – the name that came to me was so simple – yet it fit together perfectly. PaintedEpoxy – As he’s the painter and I was using epoxy to hold some of my heavier, bigger pieces together. We’re still a “new” store but we’ve expanded our networking & have made sales both on and offline to people who can’t get enough art and unique jewelry pieces in their lives. We have a print shop HERE where everything is currently on sale.. and of course, our ETSY.


So proud to have this group of  talented females on my blog this month! Be sure to stop by their shops and blogs! They make this blog possible!

**The winner of last week’s giveaway was announced here!**

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