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Julie Ann Art

Sponsor Spotlight: Bama + Ry Jewelry

Meet Jasmine! She is the face behind Bama + Ry, her business of awesome jewelry all stamped by hand! 
My name is Jasmine, nickname bama, and I live with my husband Ryan (“ry”) in Portland, Oregon. I have been making jewelry on and off since 2002, though I’ve worked professionally in writing and marketing for about 12 years. I am drawn to hand stamped jewelry because of its highly personal nature. Each letter is done by hand, so it isn’t a perfect art, but when you string the letters together, they form something quite meaningful and personal.

 Whether it’s a custom family necklace or just a sweet saying I picked up along my own path, I believe words are incredibly powerful. A beautiful or bittersweet phrase is a work of art in and of itself. Words can empower you, move you, inspire you, and remind you. I try to showcase that with my jewelry. In many ways, this shop was born the moment I miscarried our twins this past February. I’ve always dreamt of two things: creating for a living and becoming a mama. I’ve learned, though, that there are things you can control and things you cannot. So, with this shop, bama + ry, I’m putting my energy into something that I can control. And, for the rest, I will put my wishes out to the universe and just “

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I love hand-stamped necklaces! They are so simple yet versatile, and the perfect personalized Christmas gift! If you know someone who would love a piece of hand-stamped jewelry (or maybe you want one for yourself!!), Jasmine is offering JAA readers 20% off with the coupon code JULIE20! Check out her shop!

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