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Hey guys! What’s new? I feel like I’ve been MIA lately. I don’t know why exactly. It’s funny how you can blog regularly and still not share much about your life. I was looking over old old blog posts last week and I realized how much more I shared about, for example, how I spent my weekends. I feel like it’s been a while since I talked about what’s been going on in my life, unless it’s somehow related to my business. Maybe this little space is changing. Maybe I’m changing.

I think that ever since I quit my day job this blog has become a lot more “business-oriented.” I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. Maybe I’m trying to share more of that side of things to help or inspire others. Or maybe my life in general is so consumed by this business that it’s the majority of what I have to share.

This weekend, J and I were talking about a a business-related situation that I was worrying about and he said “It’s not life or death.” And my response was….”It’s life.” As I said it, I feel like I agreed and disagreed with myself all at once.

I think my initial reaction was that my business is “life” because it’s how I “make a living.” But I also thought about how lame it was to call my work, “life.”

It’s not that I feel like all I do is work. I love my social life and I feel like I have a good balance between work and social activity for the most part. But does my work consume my life to the point where I think about it in a social setting? It depends how many drinks I’ve had but the general answer is “yes.”

Is this blog post all over the place? I feel like it is. I’m honestly not sure what the point is. And I guess that’s the point. I’m struggling to find the “theme” of this blog these days. Business? Lifestyle?

I think blogs change as life changes. I guess I just wonder if you, you awesome readers, have noticed this change and if you have an opinion on it. Do you miss the peaks into daily life? Do you wish you saw more of the non-business side of things?

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  • Sounds like growing pains… I’m having the same issues over on my little spot on the internet. I’m focusing on business and my personal growth more than the pieces I’m working on like I used to. I think it’s because this is what is up front in my life right now. It’s probably going to change again too as I settle into whatever my ideas become.

    I like your blog… business and personal stuff. I really just take what is written as it is. If you’re forcing a post because that’s what you think should be there, it loses something. Just this gal’s opinion.

  • I prefer reading what a person WANTS to write, not what a person feel OBLIGED to write. It’s absolutely ok to grow and change. I enjoy seeing progress, and reading it. Write about whatever you want. 🙂

    Love, Moon
    Blog | Twitter

  • personally, i LOVE reading about the business side of your life. your blog has always been one of my favorites.

  • Why can’t it be both? That’s how I classify my blog. I enjoy reading your blog and don’t have a preference over business & personal posts. You’re an engaging writer and that’s what matters to me. 🙂

  • I like that black and white pencil. It’s snazzy. 😀 I think everybody who writes a blog struggles with content. Sometimes I post something just because I haven’t in a while and I’m sure it shows.

  • i love your biz stuff! and your life stuff! and penny stuff! 🙂 do what feels natural, lady. 🙂

  • Sherry says:

    I have really enjoyed both. Your blog was the first I ever followed and I enjoy it so much. I laugh, cry and get inspired with the things you write. Write what you feel. It obviously is working for you. 🙂

  • I like a mix of both. It’s understandable that you’ve done more business stuff these days, but I don’t mind, as I’m sure the rest of your readers don’t mind either. Write what you want! This is your space, we’re just guests!


  • A and Bee says:

    I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago and wanted to say how much I enjoy reading it. Your blog and shop have inspired me to set up my own little space in Etsy (just one day old today)! Your posts are always open and honest – no matter of the content. As long as you keep in your voice (which is hilarious), we’ll all stay tuned! 🙂


  • gina says:

    I think this post is so interesting. Sometimes I look at my blog and think about how I should just write more about my life right now. Like, I can share recipes and diy’s and those are things I actually do because I want to do but they aren’t very “deep.” It’s not that I feel like I need to be super deep all the time but I personally enjoy blogs that are a little personal – they seem effortless. I like the mix and it’s what I strive for on my blog….even though I might be a little too “business-ey” at times :).

  • April E says:

    I ♥ your blog just the way it is. It’s your corner of the world to do whatever you want. 🙂

  • I struggle with that constantly… the identity and theme of my blog. I’ve decided though, that I am an artist, who blogs — not a blogger, who paints. If I made an inspiration board for myself (which might not be a bad idea now that I think of it 😉 I think I would keep that mantra at the core of it all.

    For me, my blog is for my business. I think it’s important (and the point of blogs) to show the personal side of it all, but I have to constantly remind myself that I’m not a lifestyle blogger and stay focused.

    Not sure if this is helpful at all, ha, but just some thoughts.

  • Daisy Bisley says:

    I’m relatively new to the regular blogging thing and I’m feeling the same. I feel like I know where I want to go with my blog, but I just can’t put my finger on it. I guess it’s teething problems in my case, but I have to say I really enjoy your blog and you’ve inspired me to get my ass in gear with my own work! I really can’t thank you enough.


  • I had this problem. Unfortunately I wasn’t smart and named my blog my name, but I ‘m just personally weirded out by that and couldn’t find something that sounded like magic!

    Anyway – seems the consensus on here is that we love all your posts. The variety keeps it engaging. I think we all enjoyed watching you grow from a 9to5’er to owner and everything that comes with it. I don’t think much of us noticed the change as you have. Keep on doing what you do! You’re inspiring and an enjoyable read!

  • erin e flynn says:

    I had this problem and it drove me nuts. I actually ended up splitting my blogs (just wrote more about that here: ) because balancing both on one blog wasn’t working for me at all.

    That said, some people do incorporate business and personal blogging beautifully on one blog. I’ve just not been able to find that balance.

  • I have to let you know how much you inspire me every time I read your blog, regardless if it relates to your everyday life, your business struggles or anything else. I also have a greeting card business on Etsy…hi!, only one year old and I feel these struggles of selling cards and starting a business…is it possible??? and then I read your blog.

    You inspire me to work harder, longer, and fight for what I want. I blogged a thank you to you just last week for keeping me focused You keep doing what feels right for YOU! I think you are amazing!!! I love your cards! I love your shop! I love your sense of humor! Thank you so much for being you and keeping me inspired and focused. I mean that from the bottom of my heart!

  • Bev Feldman says:

    I agree with Julie–write about what you want to write about and what comes naturally. Either way, it’s fun to read! (And as a fellow creative business owner, I really enjoy and can relate to the businessy stuff you relate to, but it’s also fun to learn about you as a person.)

    But I hear you, this is something I sometimes struggle to figure out with my own blog. Last week I decided to share some very personal (but exciting) personal news because it is going to have a huge impact on my business in the near future (and to some degree has already).

    Linkouture: Musings on the Creative Side of Life

  • Aime Nagel says:

    I haven’t even known you for that long but I have loved the girl that comes out in the posts that I have seen. Your blog is encouraging to me (that if I work hard, my business can flourish too) and balancing (everyone needs a drink now and again). But I totally understand about the tension that comes up with blogging. So I guess what I’m saying is…we love you and will always be glad to read what you are writing.

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