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One of the things I struggle most with in owning a business is thinking big. Big pictures often seem unimaginable and overshadowed by the logistical questions of “how?”.  As I continue to prepare for my first tradeshow in May, I’m asking myself the hard questions. What do I want next for Julie Ann Art? And how do I accomplish that?

I spent a lot of the last month trying to figure out the path I want to take after the National Stationery Show. I think I’ve got a handle on the vision at this point, but the logistics…. well logistics are always a pain in the ass.


As far as NSS prep goes, I actually feel pretty good. I was so overwhelmed when I made the final decision to do the show, that I literally started pursuing my to-do list right then. So I’ve been crossing things off since, well, last year. So right now I feel ok. What stresses me out is thinking about traveling to NYC. Not even the part where I hate fucking flying, but just having to make our way through the airport and NYC and the Javits Center with a bajillion heavy suitcases like chickens with our heads cut off. Don’t even get me started on setting up a booth for the first time (floors, lights, walls, shelves, furniture, etc…). It makes me want to cry a little bit when I think about it. So I’m going to stop thinking about it. :p

This is obviously a huge step for my business, and definitely a choice I made in order to pursue wholesale growth. I’m pretty proud of myself for taking this on despite being scared of what possibilities could come with it (good or bad). It’s another new path that I’m taking and I’m excited to see where it leads me.

last chance saleAs I continue to think bigger when it comes to JAA, I’m doing my best to move forward and move on. This holds true for my inventory. In order to create new things, I simply have to make room for them! I made the hard decision to discontinue some oldie but goodie products to clear up space in my studio for what’s next. What’s next is going to be pretty fucking awesome, but in the meantime I want to give these older products their time to shine, for the last time.

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