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This weekend my boyfriend and I are headed to Catalina Island for our two year anniversary. I figured this would be a good time to give a name and face to this so-often-mentioned boyfriend of mine!

I met Jordan through a friend when I was vacationing in California. We all went out one night and he immediately pulled me to the dance floor. I was a little reluctant,  I tend to need a few drinks before I’m on the dance floor with a guy, but he was cute so I went for it. We instantly clicked. We knew we liked each other, but we also knew I was on vacation, so what was really possible?

Since the friend I was visiting lived in California I got to see what daily life there was like. Basically, I loved it, who wouldn’t? The closer it got to the end of my trip, the more I didn’t want to leave. I even looked into changing my flight home so I had more time in California. I ended up leaving as scheduled. Jordan and I said goodbye without knowing when we’d see each other again.

When I got back to Michigan, I went back to the same photography job I’d had for three years, doing the same things I’d been doing for as long as I could remember. I needed a change. I missed California. I went back and forth in my head so many times about the thought of possibly making the move.

During this time, Jordan and I talked very little. He knew I was thinking about moving and he wanted me to, but at the same time he didn’t want to affect such a big decision in my life when we barely knew each other. I slowly started making steps in California’s direction….breaking the news to my Mom…then to my boss…

I will never forget when my boss told me I was welcome back to my job any time if things didn’t work out in California. Once I heard that, I immediately knew I was doing it. This moment is so vivid to me. I jumped in my car, put on the radio (Taylor Swift’s “Should’ve Said No” was playing), put down my windows….I felt so liberated.

I told Jordan the news. We were excited, but also cautious. We knew things would be completely different this time around. I was going to be facing a lot of adjustments and didn’t want to jump into anything too fast. We both made sure to have no expectations on how things would go.

A few days after I arrived in California everyone was planning to go to the Orange County Fair. This would be my first time seeing Jordan and I was so nervous, not knowing what to wear, or how to do my hair. He greeted me with a big smile and a hug. The rest is sort of history. :]

It’s been two years and it’s the best relationship I’ve ever been in. I am so thankful to be with such a funny, smart, creative, supportive guy. I still think about how we met and it’s crazy to think of where we are now. People tend to think I moved to California for Jordan, but I will forever say that he’s not the reason I moved to California, he’s the reason I’m glad I did.

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