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I have been spending so much time in my little office space lately that I thought I’d share it with you! It’s sort of where “all the magic happens.” Whether I’m designing, promoting, printing, packaging I’m most likely sitting right here at my desk.
I do my very best to keep my area clean. I find I work better when there isn’t stuff lying around everywhere. Maybe it’s the slightly-organization-obsessed part of me but it’s easiest for me to focus with a clean table top! (Do you recognized the painted side table from this post?)
In my attempt to stay organized and tidy, I always keep a look out for storage containers at the thrift store. My favorite find was this metal set of drawers. Three bucks and it’s perfect for storing my cards!
I have two framed prints I bought from Elsie a while back on each side of my desk.
To add some extra cuteness (ok a lot of extra cuteness) to my work space, I added the amazing vintage sewing machine Jordan got me for Christmas last year. I seriously think this is the prettiest sewing machine I have ever seen.
The newest addition to the office is this inspiration board I got c/o Soft Surroundings. I love it because it helps display all my cards and photos in an organized, yet cute, way. I wasn’t ready to part with some of the Christmas cards I received this year so it was a perfect place to put them! Plus, how cool are the vintage postage replicas stamped on it? You can follow Soft Surroundings on Facebook and Pinterest.

I had so much fun sharing this little glimpse into my office space with you guys! It’s a small start to a dream studio (one day!). xo JA

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