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Pinterest Pretties.

Man, I love Pinterest! I could seriously be on that site all day. Pages and pages of inspiration and brilliant ideas and pretty things. Feeling crafty and want to try a DIY project? Clueless on what the trends are for fall? Can’t decide what to cook for dinner?? Pinterest, I’m telling you. I have fashion boards, hair boards, home decor boards, wedding boards (a girl can dream)….it is the perfect site to organize your internet favorites. I had to share some of the best finds I’ve discovered through Pinterest.
 Prettiest hair from my Hairdo board. Oh how I wish!
 My favorite from my Fashion board. LOVE this dress!
 The dreamiest kitchen I’ve ever seen, from my Home Decor board.
 Really want to try this Soy Candle tutorial from my DIY Project board!
My Foodies board is full of yummies like this!
And of course, random pretty things from my Pretty Things board!
If you are not a member of Pinterest and want to be, let me know and I will send you an invite! It is a really really great way to organize all the things you come across online and want to save for later. And it immediately gets you feeling inspired, whether it’s to craft, to cook, to shop….the possibilities are endless!

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