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Holiday Card Sneak Peeks

By October 9, 2012June 19th, 201515 Comments
Well, it’s definitely getting to be Fall isn’t it? At least in other parts of the country. I know this because I’ve been seeing Instagrams of cozy fires, outfit posts with boots and sweaters, and an increase in popularity in my Halloween and Thanksgiving cards.

Yet, here I sit in sunny California, outside in a dress, frickin hot. I miss Fall. I’ve been doodling a lot lately. I am planning (hoping!) to debut my holiday card line by the end of this month. But the clock sure is ticking and with the way things have been going lately (stress-case) that goal is becoming more daunting.

Here’s a few sneak peeks of what has been in the works lately. I have a lot of card ideas written down, now I’m just trying to sort through and find the best ones to make come to life.

I usually don’t think about Christmas until around Thanksgiving, but having a card shop forces me to think ahead of seasons. I am brainstorming Christmas cards and Halloween costumes at the same time! Are you thinking about Christmas yet? 

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