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Yarn Flower Pom Pom Tutorial

The day before my first art show, I realized that I had no pretty decor for my display table. I quickly tried to think of something I could make, with only the things I already had in my house. I decided on yarn flower pom poms. They are so easy to make and you most likely already have everything you need.

Start with yarn, scissors, and any sort of branch, pipe cleaner, etc.

It is optional if you want to use a hot glue gun to permanently fasten the flower to the branch. I’ve had no problem with just sticking the branch right into the flower.

Begin by wrapping the yarn around your fingers. The size of the flower can be changed by wrapping the yarn around two, three or four fingers. Make sure to not wrap the yarn too tight, as you will have to slide it off your fingers later on.

Continue to wrap the yarn until most of your fingers are covered. Generally covering 2 fingers will take 50 wraps, 3 fingers will take 75-100 wraps, and 4 fingers will take up to 150 wraps.

Next you’ll want to gently pull the yarn off your hand, while keeping it in it’s form. Using a 6 inch. piece of yarn, tie it around the gathered yarn tightly. This will start the beginning of your pom pom shape.

Then take your scissors and cut the loops around the entire circle.

Once all the loops are cut you can “fluff” to fill in the gaps, and continue to form that pom pom shape.

To get the final pom pom shape, use your scissors to trim the edges. You can cut them down as much as you want.

The end result:

I simply stick the end of a branch into the pompom (thinking roasting a marshmallow on a stick) and it’s good to go! It’s such an easy way to add some quick color and cuteness to any room, table, or gift wrap.

Here, I used them for my table display at a local art show.


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