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It’s 2013!! Happy New Year! Did you do anything fun to celebrate? We had a few friends over and then walked to a local bar for the countdown. It was a lot of fun and we are in recovery mode today. As much as I want to lay around and watch the America’s Next Top Model marathon on TV…well, there’s work to do!

I’m not really into New Years resolutions. If I make them they’re usually like “exercise more” “eat better,” which yes, I (always) hope to start doing. But since 2013 is my first start to a year being self employed, it only makes sense to get more serious about my resolutions. I’ve been thinking about my business, and what my goals are, for 2013 and after.

I really want to expand JAA past the internet. I don’t want to have so many eggs in one basket (aka: Etsy). I do sell in brick and mortar stores, but I want to sell in more. I want to have more control over my income, my expenses, and my customer reach. I feel limited right now, like there’s a barrier I need to break through.

What about you? Do you make New Years resolutions? Serious or for fun? Do you stick with them?

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  • ElleSee says:

    I don’t make resolutions. I learned a long time ago that they are pointless as I never keep them. If I really wanted to do what I was resolving to do, why would I wait until the new year to start?

    But, I’ve been doing some thinking about my business today too. Those are the kind of goals that I’ll keep!

    Here’s to a new year!

  • Jay Bendt says:

    I gave myself goals instead of resolutions – because resolutions are meant to be broken, it seems. My biggest are to get more involved with the art community and hopefully start my own business; finally just say “enough is enough” and get it launched!

    As for not putting your eggs in one basket, I think that’s a fantastic idea. Have you thought about launching your own website and/or having your own brick and mortar studio/shop?

    • Julie Ann says:

      I have definitely thought about both, a new website AND a brick and mortar shop. A new website will be the first project I start working on after Valentine’s Day season is over!

  • BCshutterbug says:

    It’s funny, reading this post today. I woke up this morning thinking about what I wanted to do with my photography. I am not a resolution maker really, but I do tend to make goals to strive for. And you are a great inspiration for that! Thank you for sharing your journey, I enjoy reading it and learning from it! Good luck and happiness for 2013!!

  • BCshutterbug says:

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  • Great post! I’m not a fan of new years resolutions as well – my photo a day attempt last year? Lasted a few months 🙂 But a new year is encouragement in itself to start fresh, and like you there are a few things I’d like to see change for the better. One is being able to continue re-energizing the family vintage shop, carve out my own niche within it, and do drawing exercises (trying for one exercise for every day of the year, if not every day!) to rediscover my creative artistic side once again. It will all take time and some fortitude, but I hope not just your endeavor to expand your business will be a great journey (and even greater success), but everyone inspired to dedicate themselves to their dreams will find themselves there or well on the way by new years day 2014!

  • I love Big Cartel for my stand alone shop! They keep adding great new features and their support is prompt and friendly! My goals this year are to try more, new diy projects and to try to increase my net income over last year so I can put more money away in savings, buy some things I need – hello! washer and dryer! – have extra funds for crafty projects and maybe be able to go somewhere when I take vacation this year. And of course to focus on being happy and let the little things go. Hope you have a wonderful year!

  • Dawn says:

    I have a terrible time with resolutions. I’ve hardly made them in the past and I always have a hard time sticking to them (doesn’t everyone?). I think, this year, my fiance and I are going to make resolutions together. They won’t perfectly match–we’ll just be aware of each other’s goals and be here for support. I would like to exercise more (some toning exercises, mostly) and eat better–at the same time of the day, only one snack, etc. I also have other goals–to write more letters, to respect my fiance more. To reach out and love and contact those with whom I’ve lost touch. Furthermore, if I put those goals down into writing (I’m very much into lists), I think it will help me. And, really, blogging about it is helpful, too, because there are so many more people to encourage and inspire you! Even if it isn’t a black-and-white resolution, good luck with expanding your shop! There are countless stores across the U.S. that would be perfect for your cards.

  • I went to write a post about my resolutions and realize they are EXACTLY the same as last year. Ugh. So, like @Jay said, I like goals. They will hopefully last past February. 🙂

    Have you thought about wholesale? Whatever you decide to do, I look forward to reading about it!


  • Chloe Moon says:

    Good luck branching out with your store!! I try to keep up my resolutions but usually fail. My whole purpose of my blog is fulfilling these resolutions and I’m hoping I will stick to them this year!! =) Here’s hoping! *Fingers crossed*


  • All I want for my New Years resolution is to be happy everyday no matter what that really takes. A simple walk in the rain (yes, that really makes me happy) or cutting into some fabric. HAPPINESS is key!

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