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Sponsor Spotlight: Studio TAC

“Hello, I am Sara! , currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. I am very glad to be part of Julie Ann Art’s blog ☺

I personally love linen. The texture and its wrinkles are unique; making it looks simple, but charming. I design and work on individual bags, sourcing the right materials and finding new inspirations. And to work on what I love truly transforms my conceptual palettes into tangible items everyone can wear.

Having my own business is totally different from my 9 to 5 job. It really brings out skills and talents I have never thought I had. That makes me see myself at a different perspective and want to explore more on what I have to offer. —- Start from What You Love — Enjoy sunny days! (In Bangkok we have too many, really.)”

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P.S. Can I get your vote? :]Martha Stewart - American Made 2013 - Nominee Badge

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