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California Wedding Videography

We’ve gotten an amazing response on this wedding video we shot, and I’m so excited to share it with you! As you may know, last month Jordan and I shot the video at our friend’s wedding. As of Wednesday night, the editing was done, the product was complete and we planned to surprise them with the packaged DVD on Thursday night.

Ryan and Leah McIntosh Wedding Video from EtchFilms on Vimeo.

Now, I work with Leah. So ALL DAY on Thursday I was with her and had to keep it a  secret that “OMG her video is done!! It looks great! She’s getting it today!” It was hard. I knew that she had dinner plans that night so with some strategic texting I figured out when they wouldn’t be home. Jordan and I snuck over and placed the present on their doorstop. Enter: Anticipation. Are they home yet?? Did they see the package? What if they didn’t see it? Do you think they’re watching it? What if they watched it and don’t like it?

After what felt like ages (it was probably a half hour) we got a flood of texts from both the bride and the groom, freaking out about the video. We knew our job was complete. It was such a joy to work on this project, I look forward to more opportunities in the future. Who’s next? ;]

Congratulations to the amazing bride and groom! xoxo

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